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In keeping with the philosophy of improving our products and services AcuTruss Industries (1996) Ltd. has expanded into new areas of supply.

In the fall of 2009, AcuTruss acquired the territorial rights to, what we believe, is the best Insulated Concrete Forms product in North America. Proudly made in Canada, NUDURA ICF product is stocked in our Okanagan manufacturing plants for quick customer delivery. We have experienced great customer satisfaction with the NUDURA product and invite you to speak with our sales representatives for your next project.

2011 has seen our service expansion include an ENGINEERING SERVICES division. With this service we are able to combine all of the structural elements of the building together at one source. We feel we can offer a great benefit to our customers by resolving all structural issues prior to the permit application stage. Working with our floor and roof truss technicians we can provide a seamless and complete solution to your structural engineering needs.

In the spring of 2011 we introduced a revolutionary treated floor joist to our inventory. "PINKWOOD" joists are coated with PinkShield™, an environmentally friendly and non-toxic technology. This coating resists the growth of mold and rot fungus and adds fire retardency to the joists. Pinkwood is manufactured by our affiliate in Calgary, Alberta and distributed by us. Our intention is to introduce this technological procedure into our AcuJoist manufacturing facility at our plant in Winfield, British Columbia.


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WorkSafe BC
Long Span Truss Installation

Combining 3D animation and live action, this 8 minute video illustrates the correct procedures for temporary bracing and prebuilding an alternative erection system. While it doesn't show you how to brace your truss project, it presents the basic rules to prevent a truss system from collapsing.